Monday, November 2, 2015

How To Configure Bit Chat To Use Tor Network

Bit Chat now has Socks 5 proxy support which can be used to route all the network traffic via Tor network. Tor software provides a Socks 5 proxy service to allow the Tor Browser to access Internet via Tor network which can be used by any application on your computer.
Bit Chat Registration Proxy Option
The Bit Chat registration window allows you to configure a Socks 5 proxy even before creating a profile. To configure Tor, just click on the Enable Proxy check box and you will get a proxy configuration window. Just select Socks 5 Proxy as proxy type, set proxy address as and proxy port as 9150 as shown in the window below. You can click the Check Proxy button to confirm if Bit Chat is able to access the Tor Socks 5 proxy.
Socks 5 Proxy Config for using Tor network
Once you have confirmed the settings, just click OK and proceed with the registration process. Bit Chat will configure the same proxy settings for your profile. If you already have a profile and want to configure Tor, just click the main menu and click Profile Settings. You will find proxy settings which you can use to configure for using Tor.
Profile Settings for using Tor network
You can click the Check Proxy button in Profile Settings window and confirm if Bit Chat is able to access the proxy. Once this is configured, all new network connections will start going through Tor.

Tor network supports only TCP protocol due to which Bit Chat will not be able to use UDP based torrent trackers. You will have to rely only on HTTP based torrent trackers and DHT to find peers.

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  1. Could you build double passwords. One for the normal communication, and other one to destroy the group relationship in case of the unauthorized person want to get these information.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Bit Chat Groups are just virtual connections between peers who know the group name and the password. The messages are not stored on any intermediate server since they are delivered directly via live connection with each peer. So, when all peers leave a group, there is no trace of it anywhere.

      If an unauthorized person is able to find out the group name and password then, he will be able to join all peers in the group and will get listed in the group with all peers. All members in group will see someone joining the group. However, the unauthorized person wont be able to read any messages in the group prior to his joining of the group. Messages sent after his joining can be read by him.

      In such a case, all peers in the group must either leave the group immediately or change the group password from group properties after communicating with other peers on private chat.