Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bit Chat v4.2 Released

Technitium Bit Chat is a secure, peer-to-peer (p2p), open source instant messenger designed to provide end-to-end encryption. Primary aim of developing this instant messenger is to provide privacy which is achieved using strong cryptography. It can be used over Internet and private LAN networks for instant messaging and file transfer.

Bit Chat v4.2
Technitium Bit Chat version 4.2 (alpha) is now available to download from the main website and via automatic update mechanism for existing installations. The software checks for new update automatically with every start but, you can also use the Check For Updates option in the main menu to get an update instantly.

Bit Chat v4.2 Released
The latest update includes many protocol level changes which are not compatible with previous versions, due to this, all peers will need to update to the latest version to be able to chat. The latest version fixes some bugs and adds new features that are mentioned below:
  • Profile Image feature added to allow user to set a custom profile picture which is visible to all other peers.
    Bit Chat User Profile Viewer
  • Messages Store implemented to store all Bit Chat messages locally in an encrypted format so that, you don't lose all your conversations and don't have to worry about the security of the stored messages. All messages are stored securely using AES 256-bits encryption algorithm and can only be read using the profile password.
  • Bit Chat now fully supports IPv6 protocol and implements local peer discovery using IPv6 multicast.
  • Proxy settings have new Socks 5 (Tor Network) option to allow quick configuration.
  • Go Offline feature added to allow you to disconnect a private chat or chat group without having to delete the chat by leaving it.
  • Bit Chat Portable feature allows you to use Bit Chat without installing it on your computer. You can keep copy of the portable binaries on removable media like USB drives and carry Bit Chat with your profile to any other computer.
Know more about Bit Chat by reading Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Bit Chat whitepaper. You can also view Bit Chat source code on GitHub and compile Bit Chat client yourself.

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  1. v6 of TMAC i try to change mac o
    It says " not responding " and messes up my wifi conntection on windows 10

    1. Send screenshots of the software and any error messages to to get help.