Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sorting TMAC Installation Failure

In certain scenario, its possible that TMAC fails to install due to misconfiguration or missing components on your computer. This small post will describe how to resolve this issue.

You will first need to uninstall TMAC completely from your system if it got partially installed. Check files in the installation folder that you can find under Program Files (x86) folder and delete them. You then have to find and delete following files from your computer:


After deleting above files, run the TMAC installer again. The above method should fix the installation issue.


  1. i can not solved runtimes error :(

  2. Same for me ! It's totally shitty !!

  3. still no solution for run-time error?

  4. Omg, this is so old. And no solution for parameter. Well, to fix it here is how : PRESS WIN+R AND WRITE REGEDIT, after that go in HKEY LOCAL MACHINEE/ SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/TCPIP/PARAMETERS/then u will have something on right side. Find Hostname and UJ HOSTNAME, rename to:MrexyFix . Once done, g0 to HKEY LOCAL USER and then first numbers , right click and delete. FIX PROBLEM. NP :)

  5. In Windows 11 there is no such section "TCPIP" instead of "Tcpip" and inside without "PARAMETERS" section in HKEY LOCAL MACHINEE/ SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/