Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bit Chat: First screenshot of the concept at work!

UPDATE 5 Jan, 2015:
Technitium Bit Chat (alpha version) is now available for download at

I had posted, quite a long back, about Bit Chat, a p2p instant messaging concept using bit torrent trackers.

BitChat test client by Pratik Patil
There was lot of time issues which lead to delays. But, we are trying to get it out soon. Pratik Patil is busy coding the client and he will try to make a beta version as soon as possible. At first, the client will be very simple with not many features that include cryptography.

BitChat's aim is to provide a p2p client for instant messaging that works without any server. Any bit torrent tracker can be used get peers and connect in a full mesh network. As the software is developed, using BitChat, you will be able to text, voice and video chat with your friends and exchange files while the communication channel being totally secure and identities verified with digital certificates.

Your feedback is valuable to use and most welcome. Keep watching this blog for more updates...